Thinkpad T14 Gen2 AMD eDP Screen/Panel Upgrade

If you read Thinkpad T14 Gen2 AMD, I hated the screen they shipped with the T14, and thought it was a disgrace for a “premium” laptop.
Well, it annoyed me so much that I started to research how to upgrade the screen of the laptop.

The original panel is a was an Innolux N14HCA-EAE.
It is IPS-type, <250 nits, and has garbage colours.

Since it is 1080p non-touch, replacing it with another 1080p panel isn't too hard.
If you had a 4k screen, you would need a new eDP cable. If touch, replacing the digitizer is another step.

Look for the Thinkpad maintenance guide for removing an old screen. Follow it like Lego.
This is an irreversible process. Save the bezel. It's supposed to be replaced, good luck finding a replacement. Pry it slowly.
The original screen is held by double sided tape. I didn't replace mine, you maybe should - again, good luck.

I bought the Innolux N140HCG-GQ2.
It's low power, 400 nit, 90+% sRGB, IPS-like, 1080. Much better.
No new cable needed, drop in replacement basically. Comparison sites label it the best of the 3/4 “low power” display options.
You can find via AliExpress and hope it's not a fake.

Re-use existing tape and bezel when reassembling, clip display properly.

100%. The brightness and colour gamut are very much noticable and appreciated.
It makes me actually enjoy looking at the laptop screen.

If you have the patience and courage, go for it! LMK how it went!

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