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Welcome to Tony Tascioglu's personal knowledge-base and wiki collection!

This site is my public knowledge base for everything including but not limited to Linux, to blog posts, rants, rambles, random reviews, notes and comments.
I hope that this is interesting and fun for those curious and interested in computers and technology!

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Disclaimer: Any opinions or views represented are my own and don't necessarily reflect the views and opinions of my employers.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is provided as-is for educational purposes only. Please don't do anything irresponsible with what you may learn here. I take no responsibility for your actions.

If you want to follow this like a blog as I update changes, see the recent changes page!

History This is over the 5th major revision for this site. The old wiki is still online at, but is is no longer maintained. is now down. It was fun while it lasted, but all information has since been transferred here. If you still need anything from the old site, send me an email.

You can go back on with Wayback machine for cringe. I've also had YouTube videos since 2013, though I've taken many of the ones down.

NOTICE: If you are still browsing this site via of, please update your bookmarks! Either of those domains may stop working at any time. If you find any dead links that have yet to be updated, please email me.

Similarly, this site should be mostly JS-free (or at least functional without it)! If you have any compatibility issues, please reach out. All pages are also available as PDF documents, should it work better (eg: with screen readers). This site (including discussions) has been tested to work in elinks, lynx and w3m if you are on a slow connection.

Due to spam bots on the main page, discussion is NOT allowed on this main page. Feel free to comment on actual other relevant pages though!

For general discussion and questions, please post to Discussion

While I'm happy to receive and read all emails sent to my inbox, this site is something I maintain purely for fun because I enjoy it. As such, I might not be able to help with super specific cases, as I've only explored this stuff in my free time and am by no means an expert!


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