Sound Cart

Most of the equipment used for assemblies and shows is kept in a sound cart for convenient setup. It's actually just a case on wheels, with probably 40u of mounting.


Having all of the equipment mounted and ready to go makes setup rather fast. I recall that at macmillan_production_crew, we used to keep all of our equipment in the storage room in the gym on shelves. While more organized and neat, for any assembly setup, we would go to the school at 7:40 (yes, woke up 2.5 HOURS early for this).

The sound cart on the other hand can be setup by someone like Hussain and myself in 10-20 minutes. This does have a downside though, it's hard to customize which equipment you want for a show. You can't mix and match since everything is already mounted/velcro'd, and if you wanted to use say a wireless mic outside of the sound cart, it was a bit of work to remove it and put it back, especially if we had the wires ziptied.

We usually kept the projector on a second cart to ensure it wouldn't fall and to provide flexibility.


The core setup is as follows:

  • Remove both the front and back panels
    • The back panel has a folding leg and doubles as a table to put the laptop.
  • Plug in the main power cord
  • Unwrap and plug in the 2 speaker cables
  • Give the presenter the wireless mic OR unwrap a mic cable and give one of the wired mics


From top the bottom:

  • Numark CD based DJ mixer.
    • We rarely used it.
  • Rackmount power strip & surge protector
    • All other devices were plugged into this
  • Tray on rails with the mixer velcro'd on
  • Yamaha Stagepas 500 mixer on the tray
  • Tray in back to hold wireless microphones
  • Wireless microphone receivers
    • These change every so often
    • Soke 2 mic 1/4“ receiver (2014)
    • Sennheiser wireless handheld (2015-2018)
    • Shure headset microphone (2015-2018)
    • Audio technica wireless microphone (2014-2016)
  • Drawer holding the microphone cables and microphones
    • Wired mics: 4x Sennheiser e835
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