Sir Ernest Macmillan SPS


I went to Sir Ernest Macmillan SPS (Sir Ernest Macmillan Senior Public School) from 2012 to 2014, and was involved with several clubs and activities.


I was in class 7F with Ms. Beaugrand in grade 7 and 8G with Mr. MacDonald in grade 8. I'll see if I can find stuff to add here at some point.

Clubs and Activities

Through grade 7 and grade 8, I was involved with several clubs, mostly Macmillan Production Crew.

During my grade 7 year 2012-2013 (which wasn't the end of the world @Amira), we had the teachers union strike, so there weren't really any clubs running, though MPC ran partially undercover.

During my grade 8 year, I was part of MPC, our new Robotics club, DLL (digital learning leaders - remember that @Thanoshan?) and Yearbook. I did a couple other things here and there, everything from running Minecraft server's for MacMania to some amount of tech support.

If I can get enough info, I'll add pages for some of the other clubs.

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