Macmillan Production Crew

MPC or Macmillan Production Crew is the AV crew or SE Macmillan SPS.


In 2012-2014, it was run by Ms. Townshend (OCT 419601) and Mr. Janssen (OCT 446325, retired afaik). It was run in 2 divisions: live events, and recording stuff.


MPC has a lot of equipment and setup (more sound stuff then L'Am has by a decent amount).

From what I can remember, for live setups:

  • 24 channel Behringer mixer for shows
  • 12 channel Yamaha for assemblies
  • Many wireless mics
    • Something like 5 Shure (in 2014), with 1/2 handheld, and 4/5 headset/lav (with countryman mics for them)
    • Older Sennheiser ones (lav)
    • 3 wired hanging mics on stage
  • 2x JBL 15“ active speakers (I think 1500/1800W ones)
  • Older setup for outdoor use
    • 2x yorkville nx-something speakers
    • Yorkville mp8 powered mixer
  • ADJ Galaxian, I think some 4 color moonflower as well
  • 2x ADJ Vizi LED moving head
  • Elation magic260, truss system
  • 2x RGB par cans, mega bar rgba

For recordings:

  • Presonus (or maybe focusrite) interface (in drama room/recording booth)
  • Dell workstation desktop with firewire, I think gtx 660 gpu
  • Rode mic
  • Couple DSLR/Film cameras

I'm not too sure, I was more involved with the live stuff.


  • Macmillan held a school dance every 2 months (oct, dec, feb, apr, jun)
  • Macmania was the bigger carnival type event with lots of setup
  • 2 shows/musicals each year.

I have some recordings from the MPC camera we used for yearbook (do not share these). Unfortunately, these are the only ones I have. Ms Townshend recorded all the shows, and they're probably sitting on a hard drive somewhere in the recording booth room… These were corrupted on my old hard drive so they're not perfect, but it's the only copy I have. They were also filmed 1080i interlaced due to our camera at the time.

From the 2014 musical - I was running the sound board (pretty sure we used the 24ch Behringer) for this show. Honestly, the mixing isn't bad for 13 year old me, and I knew those boards inside out at the time.

These were filmed by Ms. Townshend.

The following videos are NOT under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. (All rights belong to original MacMillan staff and probably MPC? - I am merely archiving them here.)

TODO: Some of the videos are interlaced, but saved as 29.97 progressive. I should figure out how to turn the 29.97p back into 59.94 interlaced fields so they can be properly deinterlaced…

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