L'Amoreaux CI Office Phone Number List

We have 3 digit phone extensions at L'Am.

If you dial *XYZ, it will ring the phone in the classroom/for the location. If you dial XYZ, it will put you on the speaker for the classroom/location. Some places like the hallways only have speakers associated with it and no phone.

All numbers

Here is the main list of intercom extensions as of Spring 2017.

Important numbers

These should probably not be public so please don't abuse it. Since these are not on zones, you don't need a special phone to call these, and they can be paged from any classroom

These are listed on some notebooks in the back of the pa rack. It's all in a folder along with a printout of the system configuration. They are on top of the tape player if you need to find them. Please leave them where you found it, as the technician does also use it.

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