L'Amoreaux Stage Crew

Welcome to the L'Amoreaux Stage Crew Wiki

Here, you will find information for almost anything stage crew or tech related. From equipment user guides, to typical setup guides. Feel free to add your own information, and grow the site. Some of this information comes from my past wiki sources as well as other L'Am folks.

Since I have decided to also generalize much of this information to AV production (also outside of L'Am), I'll remove the duplicate pages and simply link them here.

The site will be split into the following categories:

1. How the systems work in general, and the basics of stage crew

2. How our specific equipment works, along with tips and tricks (which I also plan to make videos of)

3. Typical setups, and what you would use (would also like to make videos of)

4. Future expansion, such as equipment links and such

Of course, this list will grow as time passes.

The 2 big events each year Drama Club hosts are the B&G Talent Show, and School Play. They require a lot more crew and prep time compared to other events and assemblies.

The biggest assemblies are usually Spirit assemblies by SAC. Other notable events are PALS International Buffet.

List of Current Pages

  • Typical assembly setup
  • Market square in-wall microphone extentions
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