Stuff I Watch and Listen To


  • Computers
    • LinusTechTips
    • Level1Techs
    • GamersNexus
    • ComputerPhile
    • TechTechPotato (Dr. Ian Cutress)
  • Engineering
    • SmarterEveryDay
    • StuffMadeHere
    • Colin Furze
    • Practical Engineering
  • Electrical
    • GreatScott
    • ElectroBoom
    • BigCliveDotCom
    • EEVBlog
  • Science
    • Veritasium
    • Steve Mould
    • SciShow
    • PeriodicVideos
    • Numberphile
  • General
    • Tom Scott
    • Wendover Productions/Half as Interesting
  • “Science and Technology”
    • Michael Reeves
    • William Osman
    • Allen Pan

I still use the old OPML RSS feed I made from my subscriptions to watch these. YouTube used to have a feature to get an OPML file of your subscriptions, and each channel also had automatically generated RSS feeds. It looks like this is now gone. See I used to use newsbeuter/newsboat with macros made to play the videos, but I have used a variety of other players. I also used Hooktube until that stopped working. I think Invidious community instances are still online, but have limited functionality.


  • The Nature of Things
    • This works over and The former used to be 1080p with surround sound at 6 Mbit/s DASH streams, whereas the latter was 720p HLS streams (muxed single stream vs separate audio/video for DASH). It looks like both are capped at 720p as of March 2022.


  • Safety Third
  • Darknet Diaries
  • 99% Invisible
  • Hello Internet
  • WAN Show (do we count this as a podcast?)

All of these are available through RSS, and will work with akgregator, sharerss or mpd.


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