Hello, welcome to Tony Tascioglu's personal wiki collection!

Everything on the old blog site has been migrated over here for easier navigation!

If you came here from https://technotony.info or https://techytony.com and you're searching for my portfolio/resume site, please visit https://tonytascioglu.com instead.

I am working towards creating this as a central resource for everything I've worked on, including stuff from middle and high school. I used to have a bunch of documentation spread across the site, and I hope that I can maintain this instance!

To make searching a bit easier, and since my site is kind-of hierarchical, I'll try to maintain a table of contents. I'm sure there's a better way to do this. Items in the list that are not links yet mean it's still in the planning phase and coming soon! There are many articles I've created as placeholders that I'll hopefully fill in soon.

Dokuwiki allows me to use more tools to hopefully sort this out better. The old wiki is still online at https://mw.tonytascioglu.com, but is is no longer maintained. All information there has been sloppily migrated here, but some things are still broken. I'll fix these up in the coming bit. My next goal is to reorganize the pages into proper folders but that takes a lot of time since all links have to be updated (and also give proper names that aren't the links)

Table of contents:

Disclaimer: The information on this site is provided as-is for educational purposes only. Please don't do anything irresponsible with what you may learn here.

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History This site was run using Wordpress on technotony.info using Blogger pre-2016 I switched to Wordpress running on a VPS near 2017. I switched to static exports of sites in 2019 The domain was swapped to run the wiki in 2020, since I may not have control of technotony.info in the future. In 2021, I switched from MediaWiki to DokuWiki using Yamdwe