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Here are some sometimes-handy programs:

There are many that I don't even need to shout-out, they're quite well known such as youtube-dl, mpv, ffmpeg, vlc, so on.


A fancier du. Sometimes, when your disk is almost full, you want to know what is using up the disk space. On Windows, tools like WinDirStat achieve this function.

On GNU/Linux, du will list the space of files used. However, the ncurses version is more useful


It will print out in descending order the list of items using disk space.


The actual thread-ripper. Most programs are single threaded, but most modern systems have multiple cores. Parallel can help you run multiple instances of a program in parallel. This is especially useful when working with inputs and outputs that can be divided and merged later. For example, converting a folder of audio recordings to a different codec, or splitting text to process it in smaller chunks.

GNU Parallel takes in a list of files (or parameters) to give the multiple threads and can queue them. Say you have text files 1-100, parallel can run 8 at once, and when one finishes, queue the next one from the list.

Shorter list

My expanding list of things I've found handy.

  • krusader
  • sshfs


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