ETC Express 24/48 Essentials

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In this video, I explain how to program the ETC Express 24/48 Theatre Lighting controller.

I go over the basic UI, channels, dimmers, patching, settings, and how to use the board for shows.

These are videos that I filmed back in Grade 11 and 12, but never had a chance to edit and upload.

These were originally filmed to help next year's stage crew so they would have some documentation of some of the stage crew processes.

These older videos from high school were filmed on my Panasonic Lumix camera which only filmed SD resolution mjpeg with the onboard microphone (funny since this is supposed to be an AV crew tutorial).

This video was originally intended as the "L'Amoreaux Collegiate Institute AV & Stage Crew Tutorials: ETC Express 24/48 Lighting Board Usage and Programming Tutorial" for the second channel, but, it does fit with the theme of the main one as well.

Special thanks to: Ms. Coniam and Ali C. for help with AV crew

Music: Dream to Remember by Approaching Nirvana

Produced by Tony Tascioglu